Westmoreland park

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The Westmoreland Neighborhood Organization (WNO) is seeking your support in the redevelopment of its neighborhood park. This project will give Westmoreland Neighborhood community members of all ages, backgrounds, interests, and abilities long-term community benefits.

It is designed to be safe, accessible, and well-maintained with high-quality programming to meet community needs and positively impact lives. 

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Funding will provide the necessary tools and resources needed for the three-phase construction to redevelop the former Westmoreland School property to build Westmoreland Park.

Neighborhood parks foster unity and pride, enhance quality of life, support mental and physical health, serve critical green infrastructure functions, host cultural and social activities, and offer an opportunity for residents to become stewards of a special place that is also a magnet for further investment in the area.

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We are passionate about this compelling vision and creative park plan! And, we are committed to seeing our community’s vision come to fruition! Our next step is to work with multiple partners to raise development funds to make it happen! We need your continued participation and invite you to stay informed about this special project. 

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