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The Westmoreland School was created in late 1800 as an African American public school to serve children in the neighborhood. After it closed, it was repurposed as CIC Head Start and the surrounding land served as a public space. The Westmoreland Neighborhood Organization (WNO) recognized that this large swath of green space, which sits in the heart of the community, could increase opportunities for safe recreation, arts, events, social connections, and daily community life. 

In January 2017, the Westmoreland Neighborhood Organization received funding from the Danville Regional Foundation to prepare a master plan for Westmoreland Park. The master plan was completed in July, following an inclusive planning process that engaged neighborhood residents in determining improvements and sharing ideas for upgrades and facilities.


In the fall of 2020, the WNO convened its members and several community stakeholders to consider fundraising and implementation of the park plan. This work group, Friends of Westmoreland Park, participated in three virtual strategic fund development planning sessions facilitated by The INS Group. The group established a fundraising plan in support of the three-phase park construction project.  

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